Toward Educational Transformation Using “Educational Data and Evidence”

In recent years, due to the development of ICT technology and the GIGA school concept, the education / learning environment is rapidly becoming online and digitized. Along with this, a large amount of learning data is being accumulated through digital terminals, and it is considered important for future education to effectively analyze and utilize this “educational big data”. ..

EDE scientifically analyzes educational big data, extracts, shares, and utilizes real-world educational evidence to effectively support education and learning, and realizes educational innovation by realizing “evidence-driven education.” I will aim.


Promote and practice evidence-driven educational research to scientifically analyze and visualize “educational big data” accumulated and collected through education and learning using digital technology to support education and learning. The purpose is to educate and enlighten.


Representative Director:
Hiroaki Ogata

With the GIGA school concept and support for the new coronavirus, a learning environment using each person’s information terminal has been improved. In such a new education / learning environment, there is not much accumulation of knowledge so far, and there are some parts where the experience so far does not apply. Therefore, it is necessary to utilize the educational data that is naturally accumulated in the learning environment using each person’s information terminal, and to share the evidence obtained in various education and learning at educational sites nationwide.

Under these circumstances, the Evidence-Driven Education and Research Council (abbreviated as EDE) scientifically analyzes the “educational big data” accumulated and collected by education and learning using digital technology, and visualizes the learning process. It was established with the aim of promoting and practicing academic research in evidence-driven education.

Collecting and analyzing educational data requires the cooperation of schools, boards of education, private companies and universities. EDE will be the starting point for introducing the LEAF system, including the digital teaching material viewing system BookRoll, to the educational field, and will actually practice education utilizing educational data and evidence. We look forward to your participation in EDE.

The Video about LEAF System(BookRoll and LogPalette) 

LEAF System(BookRoll and LogPalette)Summary Long Version (13.04 min.)


  1. A project to promote academic research on evidence-driven education by collecting and analyzing educational data (learning analytics)
  2. Business that promotes practice using information systems (for example, LEAF system *) that contribute to the realization of evidence-driven education
  3. A project to promote industry-academia-government collaboration between researchers in research fields related to evidence-driven education, educational practitioners such as schools, and policy makers such as government, and related international exchanges.
  4. Businesses related to lectures, information provision, and publication of publications for enlightenment of the businesses listed in the preceding items
  5. In addition to the items listed in the preceding items, businesses necessary to achieve the purpose of this corporation

    * Please see here for LEAF and BookRoll systems.


With the motif of the three letters “EDE”, we want to accelerate educational innovation based on data evidence and develop it for the future.


Japanese name一般社団法人 エビデンス駆動型教育研究協議会
English nameResearch Council of Evidence-Driven Education
EstablishedMay 25, 2021
Board membersRepresentative Director: Hiroaki Ogata (Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies, Kyoto University, Japan)
Director: Takashi Shimada (Graduate School of Systems and Information Science, Kyushu University, Japan)
Director: Kousuke Mouri (Hiroshima City University, Japan)
Auditor: Noriko Uosaki
locationKyoto City, Japan


We are looking for members who agree with the purpose of EDE

EDE is looking for members who agree with our purpose and can cooperate in the realization of “evidence-driven education”.

As the social environment changes rapidly, please support EDE’s activities for the future development of the education and learning environment.

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